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No, I am not happy. I went on facebook and was scrolling through my news feed. I saw the name Brenda. I though about him, and her, who is so nicely named Brenda. So I searched her name. And then I sort of Facebook Stalked her. And then after seeing a few pictures of her I got sad. Why did he have to like her so much? And to make things even worse the other guy I like went out with her for two years. Two Fucking Years. Why do guys like her so much. And yes I admit it. I am extreemly jealous of her. So thank you so much Brenda for making me a depressed fat mess. And thank you two douche bags that I never have to see again. Thank god I’m moving I do not want to have to go to school in August or whatever month, and have to see everybody and all that shit. I am SO fucking over with all the shit at the school. So you can all suck my non-exsistant dick… Okay now It’s getting wierd.

 Sorry I had to rant to you guys Im just pissed off. :)